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What Made Us The Leading Aircon Cleaning Specialists?

Director, John, has a truly meaningful passion for delivering great customer service, which is rarely seen elsewhere in the industry. Naturally, after over two decades in the industry, he’s come to understand that each client is unique and that the time spent with the client is the most meaningful and rewarding part of not only his day but, from time to time, the customers. More Clean Air has grown into the leading air conditioning cleaning specialist for residents in Newcastle and surrounding areas through its transparent upfront pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time your Air-Conditioner will start to build up Bacteria which consist of mould, sludge, dirt, grime, dust and DNA particles this will reduce your unit’s efficiency, the air-conditioner’s ability to cool/heat the air and give off bad odours. Most of all, an untreated air-con can cause medical issues such as:

  • Flu-like symptoms (incl. repetitive symptoms)
  • Coughing and sore throat
  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Congestion and wheezing
  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Respiratory problems such as breathing difficulty, breathing irritation and/or breathing discomfort

Professional cleaning removes the built-up bacteria, allowing the air-conditioner to work like new.

The results of a professionally decontaminated and washed air-conditioner are reduced health risks, improved cooling/heating effectiveness by as much as 50%, reduced running costs by as much as 30%, and many more benefits.

Our setup is water-proof and will help prevent water from splashing all over your floors, walls and furniture.

A good air conditioner is a must-have appliance that makes our lives more comfortable and helps beat those scorching summers. These machines are not only for comfort but also to improve our daily efficiency whether that be around the house or in the office. These machines help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside our homes, whether it’s summer or winter. They can also lower humidity levels to prevent us from getting sick in summer. They can filter the air by separating out harmful odours, bacteria, mould, and smoke particles. With the introduction of new technology by manufacturers, air conditioners can cool faster, which can help reduce your electricity bills by up to 60%. The latest technology in anti-dirt filters and integrated stabilisers, as well as auto-regulation temperature functions, can help you get a better night’s sleep. Air conditioners need to be maintained regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and extended longevity.

We recommend that domestic units be cleaned every year and schools every six months.

Indoor Environment Quality Standards Australia (IEQSA), outline the frequency that aircon units must be cleaned and decontaminated. This is dependent on the amount of time they are used, how large the room is and where it is located. According to the IEQSA, this should be done “not less often than once a year”.

Most cases of bad odours in your air conditioner will be due to mould and bacteria found within the fan barrel, coil, and drip tray. All bacteria and pungent odours will be eliminated by our deep clean. Our tea tree oil-based solution is applied to stop mould growth for up to 12 months, leaving your air conditioner smelling fresh.

At this point, we are only focused on providing quality aircon clean for our customers. Although our primary focus is on the Newcastle area, we are open to expanding our team. Reach out if you need help choosing the right aircon service company in your area. We have had the pleasure of working with almost all of them over the years and can recommend a local expert in aircon servicing.

We are loved by our customers because we exceed their expectations and provide excellent customer service. For a free quote, get in touch with us today.

Autumn or Winter:

It is best to clean your air conditioner at this time of the year. Your unit will have been exposed to the summer heat, which could have led to the buildup of dust, bacteria, and mould. After all, these are the busiest times for air conditioner service technicians, so clients should contact us immediately to avoid any delays.

When the temperature begins to drop, and it’s time to start putting the heating on, when using a unit that is filled with dirt and grime it’s going to recycle that Dust, Mould and Pathogens that has gathered and grown in your Aircon Unit spreading the harmful bacteria and odours around the air which you breathe.

If you’re susceptible to a running nose or other hayfever symptoms, then More Clean Air is the right trusted technician for you!

This is also a great time to have your air conditioner serviced and ready to go for the next heatwave in Newcastle. Our unique service will help you avoid the heat and flu season.

Spring and Summer:

It is normal to delay important jobs until the last minute. But when the heatwave hits and your days get more miserable, you’ll look up at your ceiling and recall that job that was never done in Winter. You’re left sweating in the heat because your air conditioner needs service.

More Clean Air is Newcastle’s top-rated aircon service provider. We promise fast, professional and no-stress service.

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